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CPU RAM SSD Storage Bandwidth
1 768MB 15GB 1TB


1 1024MB 20GB 2TB


2 2048MB 45GB 3TB


4 4096MB 90GB 4TB


6 8192MB 150GB 5TB


8 16384MB 300GB 6TB


16 32768MB 600GB 10TB


15 worldwide locations

Deploy your cloud server in one of the following locations: Los Angeles, Silicon Vally, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore & Sydney.

Distributed SSD storage

Cloud servers are deployed on our high-availability network storage platform powered by KVM virtualization.

Automatic recovery

Our intelligent monitoring platform automatically migrates your cloud server to another piece of hardware within moments of detecting a problem.

Private network

All cloud servers are deployed with private IP addresses, allowing you to keep your important services behind the front lines of the Internet, and opening a secure line of communication between cloud servers in the same location.

Isolated resources

Your cloud server is always insulated from other customers ensuring your data and allocated resources are safe, secure, and protected from other tenants.

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Using our powerful control panel, you will have an ever-growing selection of popular operating systems and control panels at your disposal (including Windows and cPanel!). You don't have to be an advanced user to benefit from our cloud platform.

1. Am I still billed if I stop my cloud?

Yes. Since your resources are reserved on our hypervisors and storage is still allocated on our distributed storage system, we still bill you. The only way to prevent your cloud server from incurring billing charges is to delete it from the control panel.

2. When to choose (cloud vs dedicated).

A cloud server is a great choice for many, especially for those just starting out, and for those who are unsure of their resource needs at that time, or those with changing usage requirements. Flexible packages are available in many sizes from small to large. They are deployed with a few minutes and can be scaled to match the needs of your growing business. There are no long term contracts and there is no costly infrastructure to buy and manage. Our high performance SSD cloud servers offer you the enterprise infrastructure your business needs without all of the headaches of managing it.

3. Are cloud servers as reliable as dedicated servers?

Yes, in fact in many ways cloud servers can be more robust than dedicated servers. For example, a dedicated server can suffer significantly decreased performance or data loss from the failure of a hard disk. In the event that one of the solid state hard disks comprising the Servstra cloud fails, there will be no data loss and no impact on the cloud server's performance.

4. What are the tradeoffs (cloud vs dedicated).

While the flexibility, security, and reliability of a cloud server does come with a small amount of overhead resource consumption, cloud servers can be easily scaled to meet your needs; - with no, or little downtime. If you have moved from a dedicated server to a comparable cloud server and notice decreased performance, it is advisable to consider upgrading your cloud server to the next plan in order to compensate for the effects of the overhead resource consumption inherent with this type of service.

5. How do I buy the cPanel control panel?

Control panels can be purchased directly via the Motion Control Panel licensing area. Simply choose the license you want to purchase, and follow the onscreen instructions. cPanel/WHM is $18 per month.

6. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and PayPal. International clients often are recommended to pay by PayPal. For large purchases, the option of a wire transfer payments is available. - If you wish to pay by wire transfer please contact our sales team for the necessary information. The sales team can be reached at

7. What is the cost for additional resources after purchase?

Servstra's cloud service operates based on plans. Additional resources can be purchased by upgrading to the next plan via the control panel.

8. Will you help me migrate my service to Servstra?

We currently do not offer a migration service at this point in time.

9. Are the resources I am buying guaranteed or shared?

Servstra deploys all cloud servers with resources that are dedicated to only that individual instance. No resources are shared excluding the physical CPUs in our hypervisors, which are divided up into vCPU instances that are allocated to cloud servers. Hypervisors are properly capacity-planned to ensure consistent cloud performance.

10. How can I mitigate the effects of this overhead?

The effects of overhead are best combated by scaling your cloud server.

11. Any discounts for quarterly, bi-annually, or annual purchase?

Presently, our cloud plans are priced so aggressively that they do not afford additional discounting. We have a multitude of pricing plans that could afford you discounts for, and not limited to, term and volume.

12. Can I add additional IP space to my cloud instance?

Yes! All cloud servers come with 1 IPv4 address and up to 1 additional can be added with approved technical justification for only $3 per month per additional IP address. While 2 IPs is the maximum number allowed on a cloud server, we do have hosting solutions available permitting more (such as dedicated servers). - For these options or more information, please contact our sales department.

13. What's your uptime guarantee on your cloud servers?

Servstra offers a 100% uptime SLA on our entire cloud infrastructure.

14. How do I cancel my cloud server?

You can cancel your cloud server through the control panel.