Private VLAN

Forget co-location! Servstra can setup a Private VLAN for your business and spread it across multiple locations for 100% redundancy and at prices which will blow your mind!

Fully customized!

We can create a fully customized Private VLAN setup to meet your needs. Below are just some of the available hardware, network and security options that are available. Below are just some of the available hardware and network options. Contact our Sales team today to get started with building your own Private VLAN!

Available CPU:

  Intel Xeon D-1540

  Intel Xeon E3-1231

  Intel Xeon E3-1620

  Intel Xeon E3-1630

  Intel Xeon E3-1650

  Intel Xeon E3-1660

  Intel Xeon E5-2620

  Intel Xeon 2x E5-2620

  Intel Xeon E5-2630

  Intel Xeon 2x E5-2640

  Intel Xeon 2x E5-2660

RAM Options:

  16GB to 512GB

Security & Redundancy:

  DDoS protection


  Cisco Firewall

Available locations:

  Paris, France

  Montreal, Canada

Available Storage:





  480GB SSD

  800GB SSD

  3.8TB SSD

Available Ports:




Bandwidth Options:

  500Mbps unmetered

  1Gbps unmetered

  2Gbps unmetered

  3Gbps unmetered

Multiple Locations =
100% Redunancy

The Private VLAN can be spread across multiple locations, ensuring 100% redundancy. From Europe to Canada, we can design your private redundant infrastructures to be distributed between multiple data centers.

Private Network = Security

The Private VLAN allows you to isolate your critical servers within a secure environment, ensuring that your data is secure and communication between your servers is not routed via the public network.

1. What is the Private VLAN?

The Private VLAN allows multiple servers to be grouped together (regardless of number and physical location) and connects them to a virtual switch within the same private network. Your servers can communicate privately and securely between each other (within a dedicated VLAN) and be spread across multiple locations for 100% redundancy.

2. Which locations is the Private VLAN available in?

We currently offer the Private VLAN in our Montreal and Paris locations. We plan on adding more locations soon!

3. Do you offer DDoS protection for the Private VLAN?

Yes, DDoS protection is provided as standard for the Private VLAN.

4. How do I order a Private VLAN?

Simply contact our Sales team at and they will work with you to design your Private VLAN and then provide you with a quote for this customized setup. No two Private VLAN's are the same.

5. Can the Private VLAN be spread across multiple locations?

Yes! One of the key advantages of the Private VLAN is that you can spread your servers across multiple locations ensuring 100% redundancy.

6. What is the internal network speed of the Private VLAN?

The internal speed limit is based on your server's network card, being either 1Gbps, 10Gbps or 40Gbps.